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Inside Information

 In this edition of ‘Inside Information’ we’d like to give you an insight into the pit; an important element of the elevator casing.

The pit is located at the bottom of the elevator.  The pit is normally referred to in terms of pit depth and it requires certain dimensions which are important for safety, as well as for the design and construction of the yacht. For obvious reasons naval architects and shipyards prefer the pit to be as small as possible, though minimum dimensions are required for safety reasons.

The pit depth is the space from finished floor level down inside the lift well. The safety space to be guaranteed is a box of 500x600x1000 mm which normally results in a pit depth of approximately 1300 mm. 
However, due to space restrictions this pit depth sometimes needs to be reduced. By applying special safety measures it’s possible to reduce the pit depth to about 400 mm.
In order to have sufficient free space to guarantee safety for an engineer when entering the lift pit during maintenance procedures, special safety measures and specific features are incorporated. 

In the next edition of ‘Inside Information’ we’ll bring you information about the trunk top.
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