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Lifts for hard-working ferries


Lifts for hard-working ferries

 A large section of our work is onboard ferries, where Lift Emotion’s reliability, strength and easy maintenance make them a great choice for these exacting projects. Lifts onboard ferries also require specific controls for mobility impaired people, which Lift Emotion is able to deliver. 
One of our latest projects is a passenger elevator on a high speed catamaran built in Tasmania. For this vessel, Lift Emotion produced an elevator inside a supporting structure at our factory, which was completely pre-assembled and pre-tested in up and down movement. 
Once thoroughly tested to the satisfaction of our team, it was shipped to Tasmania and hoisted onto the ship in one piece. After one week of connecting cables, an engineer was able to do a functional test onboard and the elevator was handed to the end client 
We’ve also been hard at work building two new elevators to be installed on a new ferry, built by Dutch shipping company, Doeksen.

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