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French and US residences receive the Lift Emotion treatment


French and US residences receive the Lift Emotion treatment

 Not only does Lift Emotion provide elevators for yachts, we also fit elevators in high-end, private residences. 

Recently we finished a coastal Mediterranean project which saw our team fit a pre-assembled elevator into a private residence. 

The four stop glass elevator was an hydraulically-driven round lift, with an inverter-driven power pack moving up and down for the highest level of comfort. Fully executed in glass and mirror-polished stainless steel, and with glass panels up to 3.6metres high, it was a complex project we were proud to complete to the highest bespoke standards. 

Another project currently underway on a new residential project on the east coast of the US is giving our team a chance to show their skill. It’s a unique scenario for a Dutch company to work abroad because it requires different knowledge, rules and regulations according to US standards and working with US-certified equipment, as well as managing a large scale project. 

We’ve been thrilled to have the chance to demonstrate our expertise, and are also in the midst of finishing a corporate project, over on the west coast in California.« back