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Inside information: The Trunk Top


Inside information: The Trunk Top

 In this edition of ‘inside information’ we would like to give you an insight into the trunk top; an important element of the elevator casing. 

The trunk top is the free space between the landing door sill of the top landing, measured upwards in the elevator shaft/trunk.

Inside the trunk top, provisions need to be made for temporary hoisting as well as sufficient free space according to standard regulations (Named: The EN81-20). The safety space for the trunk top is: 0.5m x 0.7m, which are the horizontal dimensions of the refuge space, by one meter which is the height of the refuge space.

This is to ensure that people can fit in these dimensions and normally results in a trunk top of just over three and a half meters depending on cabin height.
However, due to the space restrictions requested by most designers and shipyards in order to make the most of the room available onboard, the trunk top dimensions need to be reduced. With dedicated special safety ‘restrictions’ it’s possible to reduce the trunk to 2.65metres or lower. 

In order to have sufficient free space to guarantee safety for an engineer when entering the trunk top during maintenance procedures, Lift Emotion incorporates special safety measures and features. « back