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Lift Emotion at Metstrade 2017


Lift Emotion at Metstrade 2017

We are always busy that is why there is enough to share with our network. This time we like to share that we've been working on a new concept. A robot arm elevator. What does a robot arm have to do with elevators you might think? We've played with this idea and created the option that by means of a robot arm you can not only travel upward and downward in the elevator shaft but to every door within reach of the robot arm.
This way you lose the structure of a vertical shaft and the limited design options that come with it and broaden it with a sense of freedom that the robot arm elevator can bring. If you feel that this is something that could work for you or if it sparks new ideas then come talk to us during the Metstrade Event on 14, 15 and 16 september RAI Amsterdam. We’ll be showing how far we have come along at stand 10.305. Let's network!

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