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A modern classic


A modern classic

Lift Emotion’s special projects team recently finished production of a unique lift system. Its destination was a graceful classic yacht which required a small lift platform that would merge inside a location where the stairs where located, without replacing bulkheads and other steel parts of the vessel. This meant we had to tailor a special drive system and make a supporting structure for the platform - all to be covered by old wooden panels ensuring the yacht maintained its original aesthetic. The visual parts of the support structure have been finished with an aged bronze look while the handrail is finished in a high end gold looking handrail with integrated LE light. 
With the use of a special push chain system we created a safe/rigid drive system which keeps the stairwell free from drive equipment. With state of the art controls and a small inverter, the drive system will run smoothly from one to the other floor. Currently the equipment is on its way to the vessel and will be installed next year.

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