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Lift Emotion BV & Burges Marine


Lift Emotion BV & Burges Marine

Lift Emotion BV and Burgess Marine:

With the conversion of the Incat 50 from a naval vessel to a passenger vessel Burges Marine needed to have two marine elevators for this application.
After the successful  commissioning of the two Incat vessels Natchan Rera and Natchan World (incat 64 and 65) Lift Emotion BV was requested to use their experience for marine elevators on board of high speed catamarans for this Incat 50 conversion.
Burgess Marine as main contractor for this conversion requested a solution that resulted into a short delivery time and even a shorter installation time.
Lift Emotion BV will be responsible for the delivery of two marine elevators.
One lift will be placed on the aft side of the ship and will move between Tier 1 and Tier 2.
Because  Tier 2 is separated from Tier 1 by means of resilient mounts  a normal lift construction is not possible. Their for Lift Emotion will design and fabricate a lift including trunk construction that will be connected only at the Tier 1 part of the ship. Even the landing door for Tier 2 will be fixed to this trunk construction. This trunk construction also gives the advantage that the whole lift system can be hoisted into the ship in one piece. This has of course a big advantage in installation time.
The lift that needs to be build to transport handicapped people will be build according the EN81-70.
Technical specification lift:
Load               : 650 Kg
Cabin              : 1150 x 1400 x 2050 (wxdxh)
Stops              : 2
Doors             : Solas A60 central opening
                      : 900 x 2000 (wxh)
Drive              : Hydraulic 2:1
Speed            : 0.58 m/s
Pit depth         : 450 mm
Trunk top       : 2650 mm
Inside the ship a lifting platform will be build to transport people between Tier 2 and Tier 3.
This lifting unit will also be capable to transport handicapped people.

The ship, currently known as Incat 050, will replace the existing fast craft Viking and serve primarily the seasonal Liverpool – Douglas route. The 96 metre wave piercing catamaran will be the largest vessel of its type in the Irish Sea and will significantly enhance the service the Company can offer due to its faster cruising speed, greater vehicle and passenger capacity, freight backup capacity and increased levels of passenger comfort.

In line with the company’s strategy of improving customer service, the new vessel will have more space dedicated to passengers, and a wider range of facilities. The Company plans an extensive refit of the vessel and will extend the passenger accommodation before re-branding and giving it a new Manx name. It will be incorporated into the Company’s existing fleet for the beginning of the summer 2009 season.

Incat 050 was built in Tasmania in 1998 and after a short period of commercial service in Australia & New Zealand, was chartered to the US Military for evaluation purposes in 2001. Because of its most recent use, it has significantly less hours of service than a vessel of comparable age, and is ideally suited for the substantial refit proposed to provide passengers with the best quality and up to date facilities which will equal or better anything found on similar vessels operating around the British Isles.

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