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Lift Emotion BV & Palmer Johnson PJ-World


Lift Emotion BV & Palmer Johnson PJ-World

Lift Emotion BV has secured the order for the delivery of one elevator and two goods lifts for the 82 m ice class Super yacht currently under construction in Norway.

With a new 82 meter yacht currently under construction at Palmer Johnson in Norway and the  design of Nuvolari-Lenard and Rolls Royce. Lift Emotion BV has secured the delivery of 3 marine elevators and again proved that Lift Emotion BV is the partner for elevators on yachts and other marine applications..
The passenger lift will be part of the central staircase of the ship reaching 4 decks.
The passenger elevator will be build completely acc the latest regulations meaning for example  automatic lowering and door opening at the time there is a power failure.
The elevator will be build in such way that the interior company can make a special interior cladding. Lift Emotion BV allows for this project 150 kg of interior cladding.
Where the goods lifts will be used in the crew area functionality is the main goal for the elevators.
This request has been followed up by Lift Emotion BV.
The 4 stop dumbwaiter with a cabin of  500x 700 x 800 mm allows the crew to transport a number of gastronome  plate’s at once. A special roller shutter on the cabin will keep the goods inside the cabin even with harsh weather conditions. The Bi-parting vertical sliding doors will be made from st steel and will have special yacht worthy IP54 pushbuttons.
The 4 stops goods lift is a pallet lift and has a cabin size of 1000 x 1300 x 1200 mm. Because of the location of this lift each level has an different fire class hinged doors two have A60 doors and two have Non Solas hinged doors.
 General information passenger  lift:
Contract load   : 300 kg
Drive    : Hydraulic
Starts/hour  : 60.
Car entrances  : 1
Speed    : 0.6 m/s
Operation  : Automatic
Power consumption : 12,80 kW
Pit depth  : 550 mm
Trunk top  : 2700 mm
Travel   : 8700 mm
Cabin size  : 1125 x 715 x 2100 (wxdxh)mm

Yacht specs:
Length / overall  : 81,4 m / 265,7 feet
Beam   : 14,6 m / 47,9 feet
Draft   : 4 m / 13.1 feet
Max speed  : 16.2 knots
Range   : 10.500 Nm



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