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New Horizon’s special elevator


Lift Emotion BV is proud to announce that they received the order for the delivery of a special half round marine elevator for the project “New Horizon” by Trinity.

The New Horizon is designed by Evan K Marshall, his request for a special glass elevator led to Lift Emotion BV. During the close negotiations between the Yard and the Designer Lift Emotion BV came with a special marine elevator that fulfilled the demands for both parties.

The marine elevator for the New Horizon is specially designed to fulfill the special demands due to the movement of the ship such as Roll / Pitch and regulations such as ABS, EN81-2 and ISO8383.

Due to the flexible in-house designers, Lift Emotion BV was able to make the lift work in the space allocated by the shipyard. Key item for this elevator are the special round glass elevator doors produced within the lift emotion group.
The unique under driven doors allows Lift Emotion BV an absolute clean view to the lift without any disturbing items such as door drive systems.

Lift Emotion BV uses the latest elevator technologies such as digital shaft positioning systems, electronically controlled elevator hydraulics, can bus control systems.

Further projects currently under construction at Trinity T039, T040 and T45.



For information regarding our special designed glass elevators or normal lifts contact: m.brandt@lift-emotion.eu

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