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Lift Emotion BV & Trinity


Lift Emotion BV & Trinity

Lift Emotion BV & Trinity Yachts
Lift Emotion Bv successful delivered and commissioned the elevators on board of the latest delivery of Trinity  Yachts the T040 (Bacarella)

The Bacarella interior designed by Banneberg design and outfitted by Metrica.
The design requested that the cabin and doors would be incorporated into the whole interior of the yacht. Lift Emotion designed the cabin allowing a extra interior weight of 150 kg.
The cabin and landing door leaves received a special st steel cladding of 0,8 mm thick.
The beautiful wooden cabin floor was possible because 25 mm finished recess incorporated in the cabin design.  Banneberg design complemented Lift Emotion with the delivery and good working elevators.
The elevator starts on the interior deck with a special watertight landing door on port side.
This landing door needed to  be watertight and Lift Emotion made the water tight door suitable for elevator use by means of special contacts and locking devices.
The Port side lower deck level has a telescopic sliding door with the special st steel cladding.
The Main and 01 deck have the entrance on the star board side.
The elevator is a hydraulic driven unit with a electronically controlled hydraulic valve.
Due to the use of a digital encoder and the electronically valve the system has a stopping accuracy of +/- 0,3 mm.  Further the system has all the needed safety features demanded by ABS class.

A small goods elevator normally called dumbwaiter is also on board the Bacarella.
This allows the personnel to move the dinner plates and other goods trough the ship between 3 decks where each deck has a different access. Each access inside the ship have A60 fire rated doors and the weather tight sundeck door allows the crew to serve also on the sundeck.
General Information
Passenger  lift:                                 Goods Lift:
Contract load             : 300 kg         : 100 Kg
Drive                         : Hydraulic      : Electrical chain
Starts/hour                 : 60.               : 60.
Car entrances             : 2                  : 3
Stops                          : 4                  : 3
Doors                         : 900 x 2000 (wxh) : 500 x 600 (wxh)
Speed                         : 0.6 m/s          : 0.27 m/s
Operation                   : Automatic      : call & sent
Power consumption    : 12,80 kW      : 2.2 kW
Pit depth                    : 550 mm           : n/a
Trunk top                   : 2600 mm        : 950 mm
Travel                         : 8700 mm         : 4596 mm
Cabin size                   : 1125 x 715 x 2100 (wxdxh)mm    : 580 x 600 x 600 (wxdxh) mm

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