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Major Offshore project for Lift Emotion B.V.


New generation rigs ask for new generation equipment:

With newest generation of semisubmersible rigs SDO01 and SDO02 of SeaDragon Offshore the aspect of the workers on a rig are as important as the equipment.

This has resulted into complete automated processes for the drilling purposes.

SeaDragon Offshore also demanded the best for the rest of the equipment and Lift Emotion bv gave them the solution for traveling up and down in the two columns towards the pump rooms.

Lift Emotions solution was to use a traction driven elevator without an external machine room. The traction driven elevator is the most used elevator technique for normal persons transportation on land and marine application. In the offshore often a rack and pinion lifting device will be used. However these machines cannot meet with the riders comfort and safety standards that are applicable for persons elevators.

Specs elevators.
Load : 1200 kg
Speed : 1 m/sec
Travel : 35 meters
Stops : 2
Kw usage : 7.2 KW
Rules : DNV
: EN81-1

In order to comply with the DNV rules Lift Emotion has to supply a special safety ladder system with a fall arrestor to overcome the space between the two landing doors that are 35 meters from each other. Regulations state that if the space between two landing doors is more than 11 meter a escape door / hatch is needed.

Lift Emotion is there for proud that they were selected for the delivery of the lifts for this challenging project.

Construction of the SDO I has already commenced. Construction of the first hull will be completed in Sevmash yard, Russia, in 2008. SeaDragon has recently agreed to take the option for the second hull (SDO II), which is due to be completed at the Vyborg yard, Russia to arrive in Teesside by first quarter 2009.

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