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Lift Emotion BV & Condor Ferries


Lift Emotion BV & Condor Ferries

Lift Emotion BV and Condor Ferries “Rapide”:
Condor Ferries Rapide ‘INCAT 045’ CATAMARAN CONVERSION.

With condor ferries continuing demand for better transportation for their clients it was needed to place an elevator on the Condor Rapide that transports both vehicles and foot passengers between the Channel Islands and France.
With the latest successful delivery of elevators on a high speed vessel the Manannan owned by Steam Packet and the successful  commissioning of the two Incat vessels Natchan Rera and Natchan World (incat 64 and 65) Lift Emotion BV was requested to use their experience for a marine elevator on board of high speed catamarans for this Incat 45 “Rapide” conversion.

With the design of this special marine elevator it was needed to hoist the trunk into the aft side of the catamaran between the two ramps.
The special designed marine elevator construction needs to be fixed to the car deck because the top level is placed on the resilient mounts of the vessel. These resilient mounts give the passengers a higher comfort but means that there is movement between the two decks.

Wednesday 23-03-2011 the elevator structure and cabin was hoisted into the ship in one day. The next day Burgess Marine was able to close the trunk and make the needed A60 enclosure with the result that on 25-03-2011 the Rapide was able to get back into service.
A second visit will be made for setting to work and handover to the owner within the next weeks.

Technical specification C-Line marine elevator:
Load  : 650 Kg
Cabin  : 1150 x 1400 x 2050 (wxdxh)
Stops  : 2
Doors  : Special 316L landing doors
  : 900 x 2000 (wxh)
Drive  : Hydraulic 2:1
Speed  : 0.58 m/s
Pit depth : 450 mm
Trunk top : 2650 mm


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