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Lift Emotion Bv & NCDOT Sea Level


Lift Emotion Bv & NCDOT Sea Level


Lift Emotion BV & Orange ship building


Lift Emotion BV has installed and commissioned the second elevator for a new build project at Orange Shipbuilding in Texas.

With the order of the second new 220 feet  N.C. Ferry Sea Level at Orange ship building and the accessibility of disabled persons Orange needed to have a rigid elevator and build to last on a moving vessel.
With the proven system of the already delivered elevator on the Swan Quarter Orange. The choice for the yard and the end costumer where easy.

With the needs for ADA requirements and normal ship requirements such as A60 doors and equipment that is designed for marine purposes the decision was made to go for the Dutch based elevator manufacturer Lift Emotion BV.

Lift Emotion solution an rigid hydraulic driven elevator with electronically controlled power pack for the highest comfort. The elevator cabin walls will be produced in st steel 304 brushed execution and will incorporate a special ADA cabin tableau and the needed escape hatch in the cabin roof. ADA requirements are specially for disabled people who need to travel with the elevator on board without extra help.
The central opening landing doors will have a st steel brushed finish and have an Solas A60 fire rating certificate special demanded for ships.
The elevator controls use special Can bus systems and with a digital positioning system a stopping accuracy of +/- 1 mm can be achieved. In case of a power failure on board Lift Emotion guarantees a easy escape with the use of a incorporated UPS system. The elevator will lower it selves down to the lowest stop and opens the doors to allow the guest out of the cabin. 

The whole system was installed during a installation / commissioning visit of 2.5 weeks.
This short period is the result of a proper interface and good help from the engineers of the yard.

Item C-line marine elevator
Load 1000 kg
Travel 5.2 meter
Speed 0.6 m/s
Pit depth 760 mm
Trunk top 3800 mm
Cabin size 1525 x 1525 x 2150 mm (wxdxh)
Door size 900 x 2000 mm (wxh)
Door fire class Solas A60 central opening automatic doors
Elevator drive Hydraulic
Suspension 1 to 1

After the successful delivery’s of passenger elevators on ferry’s like the Natchan rera, Natchan world,  Steam packets Manannan and condor ferries Rapide , Incat LNG hig speed ferry , Swan Quarter Lift Emotion BV has proven to be the flexible and reliable partner for high demanding ferry solutions.






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