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A0 dumbwaiter trunk and doors.

The delivery of the different elevators from Lift Emotion BV are in progress in this moment.
Lift Emotion would like to highlight a normal unnoticed type of lift on board of a Yacht.

The Dumbwaiter :
A dumbwaiter is a small elevator used to transport food, wine, and other items between floors of a building. With the bigger yachts the ship owners mostly want a dumbwaiter installed between the galley and main or even sundeck.
There is a big difference between a standard building dumbwaiter and a dumbwaiter installed on a moving ship. Lift Emotion engineers and installs special dumbwaiters for the maritime environment. The modular base of these dumbwaiters still allow to get always the requested dumbwaiter within the limited space.

Our concept of dumbwaiters also allows Lift Emotion BV to have an optional Solas A0 enclosure.
For a big super yacht builder in the Netherlands Lift Emotion has delivered a dumbwaiter with a 4 mm steel casing to comply with the Solas requirements. The construction of the yacht did not allow to have a steel or double isolated aluminum trunk and therefore Lift Emotion chose for a ready to hoist in steel trunk with special Bi parting A60 doors.

The assembly of the dumbwaiter was realized in the factory and the complete assembly was hoisted into the ship in one piece.

Key items Dumbwaiter:
Load : 100 kg
Stops : 3
Machine room : under in service height
Travel : ~7.5 meter
Speed : 0.3 m/sec

Lift Emotion also delivers other marine elevators such as: round glass lifts, passenger lifts, trolley lifts.
For our dumbwaiter we can deliver different type of doors:
Solas classed doors:
Bi parting A class doors
Hinged A class doors
Non Solas doors:
Bi parting doors, manual and automatic
Hinged doors

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