Ultimate Elevator Design



The best marine elevators are never standard. They set the standard. Whether passenger elevator, crew elevator or offshore elevator, all our C-line marine elevators are top quality and geared to meet your requirements and to comply with NEN, ISO, Lloyd’s, DNV, ABS regulations. Functionality and user safety are the issue and the most challenging of circumstances are key to designing your marine elevator.

Features C-line elevator
These are the standard features on your all but standard C-line elevator:

  • High comfort
  • Functional and fail-safe
  • Complies with classification authorities’ regulations
  • The ultimate in usability
  • Easy interface
  • Wide range of load capacity
  • Wide range of (fire-rated) Non Solas and Solas A0 or A60 doors
  • Door finish in wide range of colours and optional stainless steel clad
  • Cabin interior in wide range of colours and stainless steel clad
  • Choice of hydraulic or traction drives
  • Machinery, power pack and controller cabinet positioned behind or next to shaft on any level

The C-line elevator for you
Whatever its purpose you can count on your C-line marine elevator being tailored to your needs and doing the toughest of jobs. Interested? Feel free to Contact us. We’d love to design the C-line elevator for you.