Ultimate Elevator Design



So you’re looking for that very special marine elevator for your super yacht or other luxury vessel? Not your run of the mill elevator but an elevator masterpiece that not only complements the top class styling of your yacht but also offers the very best in functionality. Something truly unique.

Talk to us about your ideas
You’ve come to the right place. Here at Lift Emotion we don’t believe in standard solutions. Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll show you a unique and innovative marine elevator that combines beauty, functionality and high-technology. Unique in design and in the way it blends in with your yacht’s atmosphere, innovative in its performing qualities while complying with international regulations and meeting the highest of standards.

An elevator to feast your eyes on
Your Lift Emotion elevator includes: high grade materials – for example glass –, unique styling, any shape, any drive system and easy interface. What’s more, every single part of your elevator is constructed in-house and therefore interacts perfectly with all other parts as a whole. Your marine elevator is a unique technological and aesthetic masterpiece with an open control system for easy maintenance, and is designed to meet regulations and to give you and your guests something to feast your eyes on. Contact us for your showpiece elevator.