Ultimate Elevator Design



Which dumb waiter will transport food, wine or goods between decks for you at sea? How do you make sure that bottle of champagne reaches the guests on your luxury super yacht in the same way it would in a five star restaurant? Where do you find an elevator that brings 300 kg loads wherever they are needed on board during a raging storm?

Suit your on board needs
At Lift Emotion we are used to solving questions like these. We even enjoy it and take great pride in combining precision technology, experience and ingenuity to build the dumb waiter or trolley lift that will suit your on board needs on the heaviest seas.

Your goods elevator solution
Our dumb waiters and trolley lifts come in a wide range of types, functionalities, door types, loading systems and comply with NEN, ISO, Lloyd’s, DNV, ABS regulations. Please contact us and we can discuss your goods elevator solution.