Ultimate Elevator Design



Maybe you’re not looking for a marine elevator, but for specific parts for an existing elevator or for an elevator not built by us? Although our elevators are tailor-made in-house, they have open technology and interchangeable components and parts. This means they’re ideal for use in any elevator or lift, whatever its make or origin.

Anywhere in the world a.s.a.p.
Say for example, the fire rated doors on your oil rig elevators in the Arabian Gulf are not what they were made out to be and you need other doors straight away. Give us a call and your troubles will be a thing of the past. You name it – (glass) doors, hydraulic drive, control panel – and we’ll have it delivered anywhere in the world a.s.a.p.

Finishing touch
Another example. You’re having that very special elevator installed on your yacht and you want the perfect glass doors to match only they’re nowhere to be found. Not a problem. Just contact us and we’ll gladly design the finishing touch for you.