Ultimate Elevator Design



At Lift Emotion we do more than come up with marine elevator solutions. We put our know-how and experience to the test to bring you marine innovations. Our so called Specials embrace a wide range of elevator technology based products that turn the challenges you’re faced with into everyday convenience.

Lifebuoy Shooting Unit
Take the LSU for example. Our Lifebuoy Shooting Unit is our answer to our clients’ need for launching a lifebuoy at the push of the button on the bridge or near the bulwark. It is made of rigid sea environment-proof materials and is easily installed. Take a look at the video for more information.

Your very own Special
Another of our custom-made specials is an elevator we adapted for use on the deck of river barges. This flexible marine elevator rests on the deck allowing it to pass under low canal bridges and can be brought upright at wish. View the video for more information or contact us about designing your very own Special.